San's Leveling Services

hey! are you sick of gag training, overwhelmed by the daunting task of 600 multiplayer golf courses, or cry at the sight of 100 wins for racing? let me do it for you!

Terms of Service


•i only take paypal. i do not take "gift cards" or "exposure" as payment.

i will not accept cryptocurrency. if you pay me with crypto you will be refunded, blocked, and blacklisted.

•ALL paypal transactions will be handled via an invoice, and will be sent as goods and services. this protects you as a buyer, and me as the seller. this also gives you the option to pay 50/50, instead of full prepayment.

•if you submit a chargeback/refund through paypal at any time, especially after i am finished with your toon(s), you will be blacklisted from any future services and i will make a beware on you.


•at this time i'm only leveling toons on Toontown Rewritten. i don't play any other servers enough.

•toonguard and F2A must be disabled on the account before i can start work. i use a VPN for my protection and toonguard would require me to write you every time i needed to log in.

•please tell me of any dates/times you will need on the account so i don't kick you off accidentally, or vice versa. i will do my best to work around your schedule.

•you are welcome to write me for updates, but please do not harass me. i do this in my free time. i am not fast!

Prices and Services

(all prices are in USD)

•toon-up: $4 per level
•trap: $5 per level
•lure: $5 per level
•sound: $4.50 per level
•throw: $3 per level
•squirt: $3 per level
•drop: $6 per level

negotiable, however here are some past examples:

•first 10 trophies: $20
•266 multiplayer courses and 260 par courses: $100

•first 10 trophies: $15
•all grand prix trophies: $35
•30 rural wins: $30

•$1 per day (10 shovel xp)
•¢0.75 per replant during SGG reward

short factory (480 merits): $1.50 each
medium factory (584 merits): $2 each
long factory (776 merits): $3

coin mint (356-544 cogbucks): $2 each
dollar mint (679-1004 cogbucks): $3 each
bullion mint (1202-1496 cogbucks): $4 each

office A (564 jury notices): $3 each
office B (944 jury notices): $4 each
office C (1370 jury notices): $5 each
office D (1842 jury notices): $6 each

front three (764 stock options): $3 each
middle six (1874 stock options): $5 each
back nine (3350 stock options): $7 each

(prices are pure laff. i don't count fishing.)
•TTC: $15
•TTC-DD: $24
•TTC-DD-DG: $33
•TTC-DD-DG-MML-BRG-DDL (with cash suit): $90
•toon building with all maxed tracks: 20% upcharge

(includes maxed gags)
•2 track (must specify 15 or 16 laff): $30
•3 track: $40
•4 track: $50

Questions and Answers

tell me about you?
i'm San! i've been playing since TTO, around 2005-06. i played until 2009 when we couldn't afford the subscription anymore, and i came back a month before TTO closed.

i started TTR in 2014 and have been playing pretty actively ever since.

how do i know you won't delete my toons or steal the account?
i completely understand that concern. i have absolutely NO reason to steal or delete the toons. i have many accounts that i have worked hard on and cherish, and i would never want that to happen to me. i'm just trying to make some money on the side.

is this against TTR's rules?
it's definitely a grey area, but in my opinion, no. this is from TTR's moderation & safety FAQ:

"Can I buy or sell a Toontown account?

We do not allow anyone to buy, sell, or trade a Toon or anything else (password, email account, and so on) that would lead to the passing of one account to another person. Unfortunately, any accounts found to have been purchased or sold through any medium will be terminated. We appreciate you all in helping us keep the game safe and fair!"

•you are not selling me the account - you still have full ownership.

•this is not a trade (assuming their usage of "trade" means giving me the account in exchange for something else). you're just allowing me to sign into your account to play your toon. in my opinion, it's just like letting your friend sign on. you just have to be cautious.

how long will it take you to complete my order?
that depends on what you need done and how often you'll need on the account. it could take weeks, it could take months.

i'm skeptical. can i just pay you AFTER you're done?
i understand, but no. i request half upfront to avoid any scams.

what if i change my mind?
you will receive a full refund if i haven't started working yet. after i've started working, you will get a partial depending on how much i've done. if i'm close to completion, or done, you will not receive a refund.

can i follow your progress?
yes! i have a queue for leveling here. (click)


if you are interested, you can contact me through discord!

discord server